Ribbon and Jingle Bells Poinsettia Wreath


Do you have that project that you pull out of the closet from time-to-time, year-after-year, work on a bit and then put back in the closet. No? Confess! You know you do! I personally come from a long line of people who don’t finish projects. From my mother’s unfinished quilts to the 1950s Chevy that’s in pieces in my dad’s garage. It must be in my genes. This wreath is that project for me.

I started it when I was newly pregnant with my youngest daughter, five years ago. I periodically worked on it over the next few years, particularly around the holidays, but other projects and life took precedence. But not this year.

It’s finished! It’s finally finished!

To give credit where credit is due, I originally found this wreath and the directions in a Martha Stewart Living magazine, circa 2008. The link for her directions is here. Mine kind of looks like hers..except better. Just kidding.


Supplies: Foam wreath form, ribbon to wrap the form (I used gold), 1½ red or white satin ribbon (non-wired, grab at least 9 yards, for the poinsettias), 1½ green satin ribbon (one spool), floral wire, straight pins, a lighter, small jingle bells 1/4-Inch, and a hot glue gun with glue.

wreathwrap.jpgWrap the wreath form, secure the ends with a few straight pins.


To make the poinsettia, cut three strips of ribbon, 3-4 inches long, all equal lengths with the ends at an angle. Take one ribbon and pinch it in the middle so that there are 3-4 pleats. Stick a straight pin in the middle to hold it in place. Do the same with the other two ribbon pieces, making sure the diagonal cuts of the ribbon face the same direction. Once all three are on the pin, secure them in the middle with the floral wire, twisted tight. Pull out your pin and spread out the petals. Now is the time to singe the ends of the petals. Satin ribbon likes to fray.


Pin the poinsettia on the wreath. Be discrete about where you place the pins, but be sure to use a few to keep the petals spread out and overlapping the other petals a bit.

Continue to make more of the flowers. Make different sizes. Play with them. Mix it up.


To make the leaves, take a piece of ribbon about 3 inches long. I like to singe the ends of this too, just to make it easier to work with. Fold the top half of the ribbon at a right angle, then fold the top half of the ribbon so that it lies on top of the bottom half. This will form a point at the top. I think it looks like a house. (This is the same fold I used to make the Layered RIbbon Trees.) Pinch the bottom of the leaf and secure it with a pin.


Pin in the leafs behind the flowers, so that they peek through.

Lastly, using the hot glue gun, glue the mini jingle bells to the center of the poinsettias, covering up the floral wire.


There ya go! Hopefully it doesn’t take you 5 years to complete this wreath!

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