Sparkly Wintery Wreath

I absolutely love making wreaths. Seriously. I mean for $15 (sometimes less) you can get all the supplies you need and craft something festive for your front door! This wreath is SUPER SPARKLY! (it was really hard to capture the intense sparkle in the pictures)
Wintery Wreath Supplies: 18 inch grapevine wreath, 18 silver berry floral picks (half of them glittery), pinecones, DecoArt Snow-Tex, glue, silver and white acrylic paint, glitter, floral wire, hot glue gun and glue, wooden laser cut snowflakes.

20131202-143340.jpgStart by tucking in the silver berry stems evenly around the wreath, using either the floral wire or hot glue to secure them in place.

20131202-103656.jpgI found a bag of pine cones left over from a couple years ago. Using the DecoArt Snow-Tex and a popsicle stick, I put a little Snow-Tex on each of the pine cone’s scales. Snow-Tex is cool stuff that DecoArt sent me a couple of years ago. It reminds me of grout for tile. It’s gritty and doesn’t seem to stick well to your project when it’s wet. But miraculously, it dries hard and sticks fast to whatever it’s applied to. I sprinkled the cones with clear glitter before the Snow-Tex dried. 


Once dry, the pine cones were glued on in groups around the wreath with the hot glue gun.

I found the large wooden snowflakes at Lowe’s and the small ones in the button section at Joann’s. I painted some of them white and some silver. Then glittered them with coarse German glass glitter. I love this stuff. It doesn’t get more real than glittering with SHARDS OF GLASS. Hello sparkle!


Glue the snowflakes around the wreath. That’s all! I love how easy this is!



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