Mini Foil Trees


Mini Foil Trees

It’s a wet, drizzly day here in Scottsdale. I feel like that is something that I never get to say. Have I ever mentioned that I love the rain? These kind of days are my absolute favorite. I’m sure it comes from growing up in Oregon. It’s a perfect day for crafting.


The idea for these little foil trees came about because I was debating whether I wanted to put up my vintage aluminum tree this year, and if I do, how I’m going to decorate it. (Gold ornaments on a silver tree perhaps?) It takes up a lot of space. (I was going to put a picture of it here, but I guess I’ve never taken one. Which pretty much means that I need to put it up this year, so that I can take a stinkin’ picture!)

Anyhoo… Thinking of the tree inspired me to create mini ones. (hello attention deficit disorder.) Oh and this is another project using bamboo skewers. Like this and this.

Supplies: bamboo skewers, aluminum foil, scissors, hot glue gun, wine cork (optional)

Cut the foil into four strips, each about 5 inches long. Make one strip 2 inches tall, one 1 and 3/4 inches, one 1 and a 1/2 and one that is 1 and 1/4 inches tall.

20131122-124510.jpgTake the biggest one and cut it into a fringe. Space the cuts 1/4 inch apart. Do this for the other foil strips. Making sure to keep the cuts 1/4 inch for all pieces.


Pick a spot about 4 inches from the top of your skewer, and glue the edge of the foil fringe to it. 

Start wrapping it around, slowing layering the fringe as you move up.20131122-124552.jpg

Keep adding the next smaller size, until you used all the foil fringe and your at the top of the skewer.


Fluff out the fringe. I gently curled up the ends of the fringe using pencil.

Then cut off the extra bottom of the skewer. Or don’t. I stuck the skewer in a wine cork, so it would stand.  I can think of a ton of places to put these. Stick one in a cube of cheese and decorate a cheese and cracker platter. Stick one in a wreath. Use them to decorate your gingerbread house. Use them your mini Christmas villiage. Got any other ideas?

Of course the foil wrinkles easily, so be cautious lying these down. But it’s easy to straighten out.

20131122-124803.jpgHave a happy weekend!


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Geometric Christmas Tree

Geometric Christmas Tree

I love all the geometric decor I’ve been seeing around. It looks so clean and modern. So I decided to make some of my own with a Christmas twist.


Using bamboo skewers, a T ruler, study scissors, a glue gun and paint, I created these geometric Christmas trees.

Using you scissors and ruler cut the bamboo skewers as follows:

4- 9 inch long
1- 6 inch long
50- 2 and 9/10 inch long sticks


Start by measuring down 3 inches from the top of a 9 inch stick and make a small mark. Do the same with another 9 inch stick. Glue a 2-9/10 inch stick to where you made the marks, forming a triangle with the three sticks.

Do the same thing 6 inches from the top on the long sides of the tree, and glue the 6 inch long skewer in. Use the 2-9/10 inch sticks to form 3 inch equilateral triangles.


Continue to repeat this process making each row of triangles longer. For the forth row of triangles add a small stick to the end of both long sides to make the tree 12 inches long.


Continue process until you have the desired size of your tree. You can then make a square shaped stump at the bottom.


To make the pyramid effect, glue a small stick to each corner of the triangle and have the sticks meet in the middle. Secure with a drop of hot glue, and hold until it’s dry. Then paint the silly tree. I used DecoArt Glorious Gold.


Or don’t make pyramids and make a larger tree, like the one above.

I’m so excited to start the Christmas season! I told the Mr. to put up the Christmas ligthts tomorrow. Is it too soon? I can’t wait. Plus it will look pretty for Thanksgiving right? You can tell me if I’m crazy…

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Autumn Inspired Paper Raffia Pumpkin

Paper Raffia Pumpkin

Now that the the trick-or-treating is over and I may or may not have eaten 5 pounds of chocolate, it’s time to put away the spooky stuff and focus on celebrating autumn and Thanksgiving.

Pumpkins seem to always be on my mind this time of year, but today in particular, because it was Pumpkin Day at my daughter’s kindergarten. She learned all about the pumpkin parts and the growing process. It was so much fun! So when I got home from Pumpkin Day I decided to make my own pumpkins out of paper raffia.

pumpkin supplies

This project is so easy, all you really need is a spool of paper raffia, 22 gauge floral wire, scissors and/or a wire cutter and glue. Of course I added glitter, but you don’t have to. Oh and candy helps too.

chunky holiday gllitter

Oh and speaking of glitter… For the past few years, I’ve been partial to the fine glitter, especially Martha’s. The chunky kind was always for kindergarteners (shhh, don’t tell my daughter!) But this year I have fallen hard for the chunky glitter! I’m head-over-heels for this holiday glitter pack I found yesterday at Michaels.

To make the pumpkin, take your raffia, and start wrapping it around 3 or 4 fingers (depending on the size of pumpkin you desire.)

photo 5

Keep wrapping…

raffia wrapping

Just when you think you have enough…add more.  Then, before taking your hand out of the raffia, pull the wire through your raffia and twist it tight.
photo 2-1

Oh look, I have a labrodoodle helper!

labradoodle helper

Fan out the raffia, with the wire holding it together hidden in the middle. If at this point you feel that your pumpkin is too spare, grab more raffia, wrap it around your fingers, repeating the process, so it’s the same size and use the wire to attach the center of your second one to the center of the first.

Next, make a stem, using the same process, but only wrapping the raffia around 2 fingers.

pumpkin stem

Wrap it around 5 or 6 times, then start wrapping the raffia around itself.


Tie it off and glue it into the center of the pumpkin.

Now it’s time for the fun part.

glitterI made a glitter paste by using Decoupage glue, both of my glitters and a few drops of water. Then I used a paint brush and haphazardly painted on the paste. So much less messier this way!

I didn’t want them super glittery, just enough to be festive.

pumpkinAnd it’s done!

autumn table


photo 3-2


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Spooky Last Minute Halloween Decor

Yeah, yeah, I know. I haven’t written a blog post in.. I dunno, a year and a half now! It’s been on my mind. I just needed to sit down and do it. So. Here. I. Am.

Did you miss me?

I missed you.

So do you want a couple of last minute Halloween decor ideas? If you have a couple of hours I got your back.

Halloween Table

Here is my lovely spooky console table. Since I don’t have a fireplace mantle to decorate, I use this instead. Most of the decorations I already had. I shopped my house, found the candle sticks, stole the bird cage and fake birds from the kiddos, and the creepy rusty old lantern was from a thrift shop.

Candles can go both ways, either spooky or romantic. Black ones are definitely NOT romantic. I found these at Pier 1, but any color will do. Throw on some crows, gourds, leaves and you got yourself a Halloween display!

So to make the creepy tablecloth, run to the store and buy some cheese cloth. Lay it out on your table, so that there is plenty draping over the edge. Grab your scissors, then snip and rip.

Snip and Rip

I ripped the cheesecloth about every three to four inches. Straighten out as needed and voila! Instant tablecloth.


Next, add on an itsy bitsy spider. I just placed him on the cheese cloth, and he stuck there, like he knew it was his home.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you should download the app Zombie Me or if you don’t go to There you can take a picture of your seemingly cute and innocent little girls and turn them into vicious zombies. Like this…

Spooky Photo Frame

Print that out or email to your favorite print shop for printing. When you have it, put it in your favorite photo frame. The spooky photo border is just some black cardstock cut with small scissors and an X-acto knife. And by little scissors, I mean little…Like your husband’s nose hair trimmers. Not really, that’s gross.

photo mat

If you are feeling extra crafty, I suggest you make these plates from House of Earnest

Spider Plate

Aren’t it adorable?? All it takes are a scary rubber stamp, glass plates and some solvent based ink. Check out the how to here.

That’s it for now… Until next year.

Just kidding. Boo!

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Headed to SNAP

As you read this I am on a plane with my lovely friends Joanna from Baked By Joanna and Amy from Pink Bow Bath Boutique headed to Utah for the SNAP – Creativity at Your Fingertips conference. And I am so freaking excited!

We will be meeting up with Katie from Sweet Rose Studio, Sara from Mom Endeavors and Sara from Clever Pink Pirate and heading to Thanksgiving Point with over 320 other creative blogger peeps for a weekend of fun, great speakers and some amazing sponsors..

There are going to be a lot of different workshops to take and I’m dying to take all the photography ones. I’ll be posting pictures and updates. Eeeeeeeeee!! So excited!!

Layered Mirror Wall Art

So back in December, I made a little gallery wall in my dining area where I displayed my collection of vintage Soviet New Year’s post cards. And I just took it down. Okay, I took it down last month. So yeah, basically I had Christmas decor up until March. I have no excuse. None. The only thing I can say is that I have had no idea what to put up there. I want to add color, but what? And how?

So until the stars align and I find something colorful that I like, I need to find something to fill in that space. So instead of color, I chose layers and reflection.

I picked up various sizes of mirror tiles from craft stores, used the Ikea frames that I already had and got to work making my little pieces of art.

Here’s how..

Supplies: picture frames, chip board or cardboard, various sizes of little mirrors, adhesive (I used E6000)

Remove the glass from the frame, put it in a safe place in case you want to use the frame for something else later. Cut a piece of chipboard or another sturdy board to fit in the place of the glass.

Put the frame back together with the chipboard on top of the back of the frame. Take your little mirrors, and play with them, layering them in the frame. Once you kind of see how to make the little mirrors fit start gluing the mirrors down. Of course make sure you are in a well ventilated space, that glue is some nasty stuff. I also suggest cleaning the mirrors first and avoiding smudges.. I didn’t do either and boy it’s kind of a pain to clean.

To make the mirrors extra secure, I tucked the edges of the mirrors under the edge of the frame. Keep gluing the mirrors down and layering them to make sure all the chipboard is covered. Unfortunately many of the little mirrors had chip on the corners, so I did my best to cover those chips with other mirrors.

The glue takes 24 hours to cure. So don’t touch! It did seem that the mirrors would move a little bit, so for the first hour check them periodically to make sure they don’t slide out of place.

Each one is different and I love the way the light is reflected. I’ve made four so far and I want to make a few more pieces and try to find a unique way to update my gallery wall.

Stay tuned…

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